Yoga without exercise

Yoga has been mistakenly identified in recent years only with physical activity. In this lesson we will be given the opportunity to fully understand this philosophical system called yoga.

One hour each week we will deal with every aspect of yoga in depth. This will slowly lead us to self-knowledge, and if one wants to take a step further in God’s knowledge.

We will discover that the path of yoga can be followed by everyone in his daily routine, and every day we will increasingly approach ourselves, others and our integration.

The topics we will be discussing are:

The philosophy of yoga and its principles
Breathing control
Concentration and relaxation techniques
Study of yoga books
Yoga nidra – conscious sleep

The course is aimed at people aged 7 to 100 years regardless of physical fitness.
I promise you a unique trip to the depths of our mind and soul !!!

Duration: 60 minutes
Cost: 30 € per month.
drop in : 10€
drop in for members : 5€