Prenatal yoga

Yoga for pregnant women

Pregnancy is a beautiful, special and demanding period in a woman’s life, a landmark. It is therefore important that the ancestor can take care of herself and the life that grows within her and accept and manage the changes that occur at the physical, emotional and mental level.

All of the above can be achieved through specially designed yoga programs. In many European countries (eg Britain, Spain, Poland), they are part of providing yoga for pregnant women to help and support future moms.

A great myth

There is the wrong impression and the fear that a woman during pregnancy is good to avoid exercise and that physical activity can lead to miscarriage. However, asanas (positions / stops) of yoga are non-violent, they do not load the joints and muscles and can be performed either by the pregnant woman with previous experience or not.

The benefits of yoga in the body

One of the main benefits of yoga is the strengthening of the muscles that support the spine and the improvement of the balance and blood circulation in the organs and organs, thus achieving better oxygen of the mother and fetus. Also, as pregnancy progresses, most females have dorsal tenderness in the spine while increasing breast size. These changes result in the accumulation of tension in height, height, height, tibia, abdomen and shoulders, from which systematic devotion to yoga can be restored.Through this, the pregnant woman acquires better awareness and better handling of her body and can adapt to different positions in order to reduce the discomfort caused by the extra weight. Its practice also improves the flexibility of the pelvis and strengthens the pelvic muscles, while breathing and relaxation techniques include learning to calm and better manage the anxiety and pain, which will help to give birth naturally. Finally, thanks to yoga, it helps the body recover more quickly after birth and better adapts to the demands that follow.

The benefits of yoga in the mind & soul

The practice of yoga allows the expectant mother to relax and focus on the changes that occur in her body. She is given the opportunity to take care of herself and her child. It also helps the pregnant woman to develop her inner sense of self, to balance herself physically and emotionally and to adapt successfully to the great changes she is going to follow. Its meditation offers relaxation and tranquility, feelings that are transferred to the fetus, which feels everything together with
his mother. Finally, through pregnancy each pregnant woman contacts other women who are experiencing similar changes and face similar challenges and concerns with it, which gives it comfort.

Trust the experts

Like medical science, yoga also advises pregnant women to be careful during the first trimester of their pregnancy. Before you start, then, talk to your gynecologist to get his / her consent and turn to certified and experienced teachers. Equally important is the existence of co-operation between them so that any changes in pregnancy development can be taken into account in the formulation of the program.

What the lesson includes

A yoga class for pregnant women includes mild physical exercises, breathing exercises and relaxation and meditation techniques. The exercises are carefully selected and adapted to each stage of pregnancy, according to the needs of each woman.

The scientific facts

The scientific interest in the effect of yoga on pregnancy is constantly increasing. According to a British survey, pregnant women are less likely to develop anxiety and depression, while other research supports her curative action even in high risk pregnancies as it reduces complications associated with hypertension.

In conclusion

Diet, exercises, attitudes and the philosophy of yoga can become part of the life of any woman who thinks of having children or is already in the most creative and demanding months of her life. Yoga before conception, yoga during pregnancy and post-natal yoga will help you better know you and your body, fully experience this unique experience, transfer positive energy to the fetus better adapt to the changes that follow.

At every stage of your life

The woman’s life is full of milestones, such as puberty, pregnancy, menopause, characterized by great changes in body and psychology. These stages are part of nature and yoga helps in their acceptance and smooth transition from one to the other. At any stage of your life, if you are, yoga can support you.


Duration: 120 minutes
Cost: from 30 € per month