Kids Yoga

Yes, yoga is not good only for adults, but is equally beneficial for children, since it is an excellent method of learning, physical exercise and relaxing. Besides, scientific results are supporting this statement.

What is the structure of a yoga lesson for children?

A yoga lesson for children is different from this of adults. It has to be amusing in order to keep their interest and also active so that in the end, they will sit quiet for the relaxing and meditation part. Thus, children learn the same things as we do, but this happens in a way adapted to their needs and their particularities. For example, the lesson duration does not exceed 45-55 minutes and during this time little yogis learn about asanas (yoga poses) with animals’ names (“the dog”, “the cat”, “the pigeon” etc), they play games and listen to fairytales. At the same time, children are practicing breathing movements.

Why should a child attend yoga classes?

The benefits a child will reap from a yoga class are numerous and refer to all aspects of development. More specifically:
They learn how to deal with everyday stress.
You know very well that children today have a lot of responsibilities and they live under pressure, having no time to live properly their childhood. This fact creates tension to their body and soul which is reflected on their breath. Yoga teaches children how to breathe properly and finally relaxing their nervous system.

They learn how to concentrate.

It is a fact that children cannot easily concentrate for a lot of time. But, through the asanas (yoga poses) and the breathing techniques (pranayamas), they learn to direct their attention from external stimuli to anything the teacher suggests (for example the heartbeat, a fairytale etc). In this way, they unconsciously learn how to concentrate.

They are getting confident.

Yoga is not competitive, it doesn’t make children to compare themselves with other children. Each child is unique and does whatever they can, without pushing themselves to get further or to be better than the other children. The only thing needed is to try and to be in the mood. In this way, they learn how to cultivate their self-esteem and how to built the respect for themselves and for other people.

They train their body.

Modern lifestyle in the big cities has restricted children into the house watching television and they are deprived of playing outdoors and being active. Through yoga, kids are training their spinal cord, they boost their chest muscles, they balance their glands’ function, they tone their nervous system, they obtain flexibility, they reduce the risk of accidents and they practice balance, strength, stamina and their coordination.

Yoga cultivates skills.

The discipline and concentration demanded by yoga and the context within a yoga lesson is done help children to cultivate mental skills like attention and memory.


Through yoga, kids are able to receive a holistic education in which the mind is connected to both body and heart and includes apart from exercising and breathing techniques, the contact with higher life values (for example the truth, non-violence etc), learning how to relax and finally how to discover themselves.

Duration: 50 minutes
Cost: 30€ per month