Benefits of practicing yoga

A lot of research has been carried out in recent years which support the multiple benefits that systematic yoga activity offers to the body and also to the mental and emotional health. Yoga is a holistic approach of physical exercise and through the suitable guidance it strengthens the body, improves flexibility, enhances the ability to concentrate, boosts the self-confidence and at the same time it can reduce stress levels and physical strain and it can offer pain relief. In conclusion, it’s a physical exercise which can improve your life quality.

Yoga includes exercises which are simple and can adapt to the possibilities and requirements of each person offering what exactly they need.


Yoga at the workplace

One step ahead in the provision of employee benefits.

Yoga at the workplace is becoming more and more popular. As a matter of fact, many companies recognize its value and they offer the opportunity to their employees to attend yoga classes, within the framework of corporate wellness programs. In this way, they help fighting stress at work and contribute to the increase of employees’ efficiency. According to “Yoga Journal”, among these companies are: Pepsico, General Electric, AT&T, HBO and Chase Manhattan Bank, as long as tens of companies which are included in the Fortune Global 500 List, like Nike, Apple, Harpo, Motorola, Google, Forbes and General Motors.


Investing to your human resources

A little time of physical activity and relaxation exercises during the work time can contribute to the creation of a friendly environment in which the employees feel revitalized, more peaceful and creative. As a result they boost their morale and therefore their efficiency.

At the same time, this small “escape” from the continuous pressure and mental fatigue improves the employees’ behavior towards customers, it reduces the chances of making mistakes and cultivates the team and solidarity spirit.

In a more practical level, companies which offer to their employees yoga classes tend to present reduction of health insurance costs and moreover, the employees are absent from work less days due to illness.

Finally, corporate yoga programs are a simple but effective way to attract high-qualified employees but also an incentive to keep the existing workforce alert since the search and the education of new employees can cost to the company a lot of time and money.

As a consequence, yoga is a great way to have happy and productive employees and furthermore to increase your company’s profits!

Employees’ benefits from yoga

  • It positively affects the psychology and behavior encouraging the good cooperation and team spirit.
  • It improves concentration, mental alertness, the skill of decision-making and the skill of multitasking.
  • It can contribute to a more effective stress control and to a better management of stressful or demanding conditions.
  • It relieves from headache, neck pain, pain in the waistline or the back, it helps people who suffer from tendinitis, it contributes to the regulation of high blood pressure and reduces the chances of injury during work (for example due to the continuous strain, lifting or moving heavy objects, prolonged standing or sitting position). For instance, a research carried out on adults with chronic back pain showed that those who attended a three-month yoga program had better results concerning the function of lumbar spine in comparison with those who were provided the usual medical care.

Make your company a pioneer on the provision of employee benefits

Offering yoga classes ensures the five aspects of the ideal working environment:

  • reliability of management
  • respect towards the employees
  • sense of justice
  • employees’ pride
  • developing companionship

Make your company a pioneer on the provision of employee benefits offering yoga programs which are improving the balance of working and personal life.

Yoga for all!

Yoga classes are suitable for all fitness levels and can be adjusted to the special conditions of a workplace. They can take place from 1 to 5 times per week in any somewhat quiet area inside the business premises and they include detailed guidance concerning the exercises paying special attention to the common diseases related to occupation. Each session can last 30, 45 or 60 minutes, which means it can take place during the lunch break or just before or after the working shift.



Yoga classes at the workplace are a revolutionary and low-cost solution for the companies which want to boost their employees’ morale, confidence and productivity. The performance of a company is closely related to the employees’ satisfaction. A healthy, happy and satisfied employee is more loyal and productive.