The benefits of yoga for the kids

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1 Parents usually because of the many obligations of daily living and the demands of modern life do not always realize how stressful this lifestyle is for their children. At what age can children start yoga classes and at what frequency?


It is true that parents do not understand the stress of children and the enormous changes they experience daily. Anyway we should remember that especially the first seven years of a child’s life are the most decisive.

The appropriate age is four years and the frequency is once or twice a week so that yoga time is no longer an obligation but a leisure time.

2 The first day at school is a stressful situation for children who are leaving their home environment for the first time, can yoga prepare them for that first separation?

Yoga teaches children to be independent and autonomous and also teaches them techniques to manage their emotions.

3 What Are The Benefits Of Yoga For Kids?


First of all they learn about their body and its abilities without competing. Then they slowly realize that they are much more than their physical body. They come into contact with the elements and creatures of nature, who imitate and thus learn to understand and respect them. Finally, breathing, meditation and relaxation techniques help them cope with their daily routine.


4 What are the benefits for teenagers facing the great challenge of nationwide exams?


Huge! Yoga primarily focuses on concentration, so children become more efficient with less effort. They see things in their proper dimension without exaggerating situations and sinking into emotions. Meditation rests and refreshes them in a short time. Exercising reduces the blockages that cause body aches and pains.


5 Do you think yoga should be integrated into the curriculum?

Of course.In India this has been a great improvement in students.


6 What is the value of breathing exercises?

At first all internal organs are refreshed. They cleanse the body of toxins. Τhey help control our emotions and our reactions. They strengthen our digestive system and respiratory system in particular.

7 Which Values ​​Does Yoga Enhance?

The highest values ​​of our lives. Truth, Gratitude, Selfless Service, Purity, Love, Truth 8 Is Yoga a Valuable Knowledge of Self-Care for Our Whole Life? Yoga can accompany us from the age of two to death.