Teacher / student relationship

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Teacher / student relationship is two-way.

One incident with one of my students reminded me once again that our students are our daily teachers. In a discussion after the end of the yoga lesson I shared with her my stress on my school and the battle I give every day with the management of emails, social media, the visibility of my work to attract audiences, the business obligations that run, 24 hours a day feel like I need to be a ‘party’.

She very simply told me:

“You do not think so. You teach us all these things everyday to manage the situations we live in, how do you fall into this trap? Why do you let professional obligations and modern means of communication invade seamlessly in your everyday life and do not Do you manage them some distance without attachment?

That’s it!!! That was exactly what I had to teach at that moment. This was the bell she had to hit to bring me back. My schoolgirl took a few minutes to teach me and helped me make the decisions I should have taken long ago so I would not miss my way and myself.