Rejuvance: The Art of Natural Beauty

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When we are young, most of us rarely think about our skin and the aging process that is inevitable and one day will affect its appearance. Those expressive wrinkles that make us dear to our friends and characterize us as happy or angry at the age of 30, cease to like us.


It has been observed that anxiety, anger, worry, fear can leave permanent marks on the face and create wrinkles. These expressions affect the healthy functioning of the muscles and connective tissues located beneath the outer layer of the skin. The connective tissue consists of collagen and elastin, and the appearance of our skin is largely determined by it.


Shortly after 25 years structural changes such as the reduction of collagen and elastin in combination with the loss of supportive fat under the skin gradually begin to affect its condition. Our skin becomes looser, is not hydrated enough and loses its elasticity, and these wrinkles between the eyebrows or around the eyes become more intense.


With the rejuvenation  technique, the skin regains elasticity, is brighter, more healthy and firmer. It takes care of the elasticity of the skin and not its freezing, which will result in greater breakage and wrinkle formation over time. The method is based on a muscular relaxation technique created by Stanley Rosenberg, a Danish healer, who while working with theatrical groups  noticed how much better the actors expressed their feelings when they had no internal anxiety. The facial features go up, the skin becomes smooth and soft, the fine lines disappear, the deep wrinkles smudge and the facial expression becomes more beautiful and shiny than ever. The fact that at the same time very important acupuncture points are located in the area of ​​the face, neck and shoulders gives us additional benefits that help to detoxify, balance and relax the whole body.

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