Full five months revitalisation offer

Be the change you dream of !!!


In a specialized plan for each woman, the combination of revitalizing services offers the real change.

5, at least, hours per week, totally devoted to yourself, for 5 months.The benefits of combination therapy are:

  • It balances the body and the mind.
  • It treats the effects of menopause, without the use of chemical drugs.
  • It acts beneficial to the body, as the practice exercises sculpt the body, detoxifies it, restores it to a perfectly healthy state, which in time helps each woman to discover its strengths and potential.
  • The skin regains its elasticity and becomes smooth, smooth and shiny.
  • At body and psychological level, such as muscle pain treatment, slimming, cellulite, skin dryness, hormonal disorders, mental anxiety, etc.
  • It strengthens breathing and relaxation, which will clean your energy field and revitalize you psychologically.

Every woman, through exercise and healing, will discover her abilities and walk with confidence and confidence in the future and the prospects that open her everyday life as she will come into contact with her true self.

The program includes:

Yoga twice a week

Herbal medicine

Herbal therapy is a prime example of how nature can help and heal us, or in other words, how our food can become our medicine.


It is an aesthetic service that functions like an energy lifting. Fight the signs of time on your face and help the skin regain its elasticity for a smooth, smooth and shiny face with no wrinkles and fine lines.

10 acupuncture sessions

Eliminate pain, stress, activate your metabolism, get rid of menopause symptoms and more.

2 diet sessions

Organize a diet program perfectly suited to you and your body needs. Based on your history, the 4 seasons and the elements of nature.

3 massage sessions with essential oils

Complete relaxation and movement of body fluids, which will also help activate metabolism and detoxify the body and mind.


Duration: 5 hours a week, for 5 months.


Price: 170 € per month.


As the initial price is estimated at € 1300 for the five-month period, the total profit is € 450.


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