Aromatherapy. A therapeutic method, using aromas, scents, fragrances.

Fragrances are a gift from Nature, widespread on the entire globe through the plant kingdom.

The human being in its existence is totally dependent on plants…

not only do their fruits provide our food…

not only do they offer us the that we breathe…

not only do they have therapeutic properties where all medicines are based on…

plants also give us an abundance of colours and scents, conveying in this way the beauty in a way unique on Earth.

The sense of smell is the most delicate and mysterious sense of the human; it’s no wonder that the effect of aromas on our brain, our heart, our thoughts and our feelings hasn’t been yet fully decrypted.

Man has managed to isolate the plants’ aroma through distillation, thus producing an essence that still carries the therapeutic qualities and also the scent of a given herb, flower, tree…

Two are the most common ways for using essential oils; either through a diffuser, where the essence is warmed and evaporated, and we breathe in the therapeutic molecules that are spread out in our space…

or by placing them on the body with special massaging, diluted in a carrier oil.

The latter is more effective, as in this way the essential oils get under the skin, entering directly the blood flow; massaging also helps, with its beneficiary qualities, to lighten, detox and trigger the body.

All obstructions created in our body and our mindset could be lessened through the use of the proper essential oils, as their chemical composition does not create side-effects, working in harmony with our system.

Moreover, essential oils influence our quality of thinking and feeling; its discreet and wise mechanism is fostering the health and the creativity of the being we carry inside.

Aromatherapy is a way of life, a way of self-improvement, a way of prevention.

Aromatherapy helps us reconnect with the plants in a deeper level, as we have done in the distant past; it wakes our need for a more meaningful relationship with ourselves and with the people around us.

Aromatherapy services

Full body massage with essential oils

Duration: 75 – 90 minutes

Cost: 45€

Decongestion of the cranium and neck area with the use of essential oils (massage focused on the back, the neck, the head)

Duration: 50 – 60 minutes

Cost: 35€

Massage of reflex points of the limbs (palms, soles) with the use of essential oils

Duration: 45 minutes

Cost: 30€


Mental health counseling – Aromatherapy


Counseling is an art that, through the dialogue and the inspiration deriving from a sound therapist-patient relationship, awakens our existing ability for self-improvement.

Self-improvement is our continuous effort to express our unique virtues spontaneously and to their fullest. In the same time, we seek to stop feeling overwhelmed by fear, self-delusion and the misbelieves of mankind, as all of them are blocking our view of clear perception and pure unconditional love.

This process is an introspective awakening experience and a conscious reconnection with what we have inside that is most true, most beautiful and most virtuous.

Aromatherapy comes to complete this process with the help of essential oils, applied with massaging.

This massaging soothes and detoxifies our body, whereas essential oils play an active role in healing any blockage, physical or psychological.


Each session lasts 2 hours, consisting of one part of counselling and one part of aromatherapy

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