Holistic education

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We have associated the adjective “holistic” with health, but ‘holistic’ can -and should- be and the education in schools. What does this mean and why I mention it?
A few days ago I returned from my second trip to India, where I visited a private college in Old Delhi, the Darshan Academy. This is a college different from what we are used to, it puts at the heart man. Its purpose is those who attend it, from nursery school up to high school, to become primarily good people through yoga principles and the emergence and acceptance of human values. Their mission, as clearly stated, is to “create generations of peacemakers.” Indeed, the important educational work three times was awarded the prize «India School Merit».

This academy provides an education that embraces all aspects of a child’s being, enabling students to meet challenges and lead life with a knowledge supported by wisdom, ethical values, good decision-making skills, as well as equipoise and a respect for all life. Darshan Academy is committed to help students develop their full potential – physically, intellectually, artistically, emotionally, and spiritually. In addition to being immersed in a rich academic curriculum, students meditate and follow a daily lesson from the Darshan Academy spiritual curriculum. Students are trained for life to be high achievers and good human beings. They learn goal setting, creative thinking, communication skills, selfless service, time management, and the use of technology and inquiry. Students are encouraged to see themselves as citizens of a global community whose prosperity and well-being depend on harmony and co-operation.
What else have impressed me in this Academy? That each class had a big table, where there were written children’s birthday and the “competence” that each student was responsible for, for example, Who is responsible for cleanliness, who for fundraising for the tours, who for charging the interactive table etc. On the walls were quotes of renowned people, while the participation in the celebration of world days (eg environment, peace, human rights) is active and not a simple classroom presentation. I would like at some point in the near future, similar examples exist in every corner of the world. I would like to stop unnecessary competition, the love for money, the sterile memorizing information and enforced discipline. I would like the position of the above to get the respect for the singularity of each man, the emphasis on creativity, love for the environment and nature, equality, social sensitivity.
Further information about the College can be found at https://www.darshanacademy.org.