A family matter!

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I often listen to people complain about not finding time to spend with their family and kids and also the same people say that their daily routine and obligations prevent them from relaxing and from performing actions that will have a positive effect on themselves.

However, I recently realized that everything is possible, provided that we really want and put an effort in something. What does this mean?

A little while ago I had the pleasure of organizing and bringing into life the 2nd Yoga Retreat at Daskaleio Kerateas (more info on this will be provided another time). The attendants were couples who share the same passion about yoga, but also young people who wanted to gain more insight on the Eastern philosophy. However, on this trip -much to my surprise- there were also a lot of families, to be specific five families with their children. I, therefore

, had the chance to witness up close how an activity can be turned into a family matter and how small children are capable of far more than we give them credit for.

In other terms, while we were trying to properly perform our asanas, the older kids were trying out along with us their yoga skills, by performing the easier positions, whereas the younger ones accompanied by the parent, who wasn’t attending the class, were enjoying the grass, playing at the playground or drinking coffee, respectively. Ok, I must confess that there were times when we saw them watching us in awe, realizing what can be achieved by patience and practice and being proud of how well dad or mom were doing! Naturally, when the “official” class was over, they also wanted to try out their abilities and endurance levels.

At the end of the day, after we all figured out together the type of idiosyncrasy best suited for us, we all enjoyed a wonderful dinner!

Of course, the company’s football lovers had the chance to watch the EURO final. After all the commotion, I think they deserved it!

A small excursion, thus, gave these families the opportunity to spend time together, to exercise, to have fun and to connect.