Parents and treatment

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“How can I teach my child to eat healthily?” “How can I control their sudden outbursts?” “How can I set limits on the time spent in front of TV?”

These are only a few of the questions I constantly hear from disappointed parents who don’t know how to meet the challenges of a child’s upbringing. Many of them are searching for answers at the pediatricians, child psychologists and several forums while others hope that “It is a storm and it will pass” (soon it’ll all be forgotten).

However, sometimes things are easier than we think. Let me explain what I mean…

The truth is that the arrival of a child brings a lot of changes and challenges in the couple’s life. One of the most important changes may be the fact that puts parents in front of a mirror and “hug” them in order to come face to face with their own selves. Parents who will accept this situation automatically enter a process of self-development and they try every day to set a good example for their children. Therefore, what they want from their children, they firstly put it into practice (for example they follow a healthy diet, they control their anger, they spend their time doing creative activities). On the other hand, parents who are not ready for such a change are looking for the reason of their children’s “bad” behavior in external agents or in childhood mental disorders.

What’s the moral (the lesson) of all the above? Parents should firstly cure ourselves of unhealthy attitudes, thoughts and emotions and then trouble ourselves with our children’s behavior and how we can change it.

As Mahatma Gandhi’s famous quote says: “You must be the change you wish to see in the world”.