Yoga for pregnant women

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They say that babies are capable of feeling and hearing everything, even when they are in the womb. This is the reason many women listen to the music during pregnancy. So, it is of great importance to create the best possible environment for them. At the same time, we must not forget that this is the time to focus on what really matters in our lives and dedicate time and energy to ourselves. It is time to accept and handle the changes that occur to our body, mind and soul.

How will we manage all these? By adopting the diet, poses and philosophy of post pregnancy and after birth yoga.

Yoga for pregnant women combines mild physical exercises, meditation, breathing and relaxation techniques, specially selected to match each stage of pregnancy and tailored to suit our personal needs. In addition, asanas do not add pressure on our joints and muscles and they can be done whether we have previous experience or not.

Regarding the benefits of yoga to our body, these include strengthening of the muscles that support your spine, balance and blood circulation improvement and better body control.

In addition, practicing yoga regularly relieves back, knee, neck and shoulder pain, improves flexibility, strengthens our pelvic floor muscles and helps our body bounce back faster after delivery. Moreover, women who exercise throughout pregnancy have a better body image than those who do not. Finally, through breathing and relaxation techniques we will learn to better manage our stress levels, while meditation will help us calm our mind. If we feel serene, so is our baby!

Enroll today in a yoga class for pregnant women, it’s a decision you won’t regret. Prenatal yoga and yoga after birth will help you develop a sense of inner peace and control and adapt in the best possible way to the changes you are undergoing or you are about to face!